Terms of Use

Effective as of 6/14/2022

These Terms of Use ("TOU") are a legal agreement between OWNR Network, a French company ("OWNR Network", "Fakescore", "We" or "Service Provider") and you ("You", "User"), and govern the terms and conditions of access to and use of the Fakescore website (www.fakescore.com) and its services.

These TOU are available on the Site under the heading "Terms of Service" and come into effect the moment you access our service.

Any use of the site implies acceptance of these TOU by the user without reservation or restriction. If you do not accept the TOU as set forth in this Agreement, you must not access the services offered by the Site.

Fakescore reserves the right to unilaterally change the content of these TOU at any time by publishing them on its site or by providing notice when they come into effect. The User's rights will then be subject to the most recent version posted on the website and relating to the website and the services provided by OWNR Network through Fakescore.

Section 1: Definitions

Each of the terms set forth in bold below and referred to throughout these TOU have the associated meanings below, unless otherwise noted.

"Data" means the User's electronic data, whether or not personal, that is collected, managed, processed and/or shared by the User and the Service Provider, and which may be provided to third parties through the User's rights to access and use the Service.

"Service" means the provision of an assessment of the authenticity of a digital identity via an analysis delivered by Fakescore, hosted on the servers and available to the User remotely. The Service Provider reserves the sole right to change any aspect of the rights of access to and use of the Service, subject to the maintenance and support commitments for its operations. We may also at any time cease providing the Fakescore service on a platform that we deem unsuitable and migrate the services to a new structure. In such event, OWNR Network will endeavor to notify You as soon as possible and provide You with procedures for the most optimal migration of Your account to the new structure if necessary or applicable.

"Website" means all pages associated with the URLwww.fakescore.com and related to the features mentioned above, including the ability for the User to access the Service or contact the Fakescore team, for example.

"Digital Identity" means the representation of a real entity by a virtual entity such as a social network username, email address or phone number.

Section 2: Legal notice

The website www.fakescore.com is published by SAS OWNR Network with a capital of 1000 euros, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number 90417578300011, whose registered office is located at 15 rue des Halles, 75001 Paris.

E-mail address: hello@fakescore.com

The host of the www.fakescore.com website is Firebase, whose registered office is located at Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043 USA.

Section 3: Use of services

  • Use of the Services

The User must comply with the conditions and restrictions of use (the latter set out in the "Restrictions" section of these TOU) set out in these General Terms of Use. The conditions and restrictions of use are applicable to all Users.

You must not interfere with or disrupt the operation of the service and you must abide by the agreement to access and use the service.

  • Credentials

The personally identifiable information currently collected on our website is contact information when you wish to contact the Fakescore team, and only then.

Thus, personal information such as your first and last name, telephone number and e-mail address will be requested.

All such data will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which provides for the management, processing and storage of our users' data in connection with the provision of our Services. The User is solely responsible for the truthfulness or accuracy of the information provided.

Section 4: Restrictions and Compliance with the Law

You agree that you are solely responsible for your conduct with respect to the Services, and you agree not to do or attempt to do any of the following in connection with the Services:

  • Use the Services for any illegal or unauthorised purpose or engage in, encourage or promote any illegal activity, or any activity that violates the Terms;
  • Modify, adapt or hack the Services;
  • Infringe or violate the rights ofwww.fakescore.com;
  • Use the Services to store or transmit viruses, software routines or other code designed to allow unauthorised access, to disable, erase or otherwise damage software, hardware or data, or to perform any other harmful act;
  • Copy, frame or mirror any portion or content of the Services;
  • Accessing the services for the purpose of creating a competitive product or service, or copying any feature or function of the services;
  • Interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of the Services;
  • Attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Services or their related systems or networks;
  • Use the Services to engage in activities that would interfere with the ability of others to access or use the Services;
  • Use the Services to transmit, send, upload, create or otherwise publish any material that contains viruses, corrupted data or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files, or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or hardware.
  • Any use of the Services in violation of these Terms may result in, among other things, termination or suspension of your rights to use the Services (or any part thereof).

Section 5: Data and Content

You, and you alone, are entirely responsible for the data you provide to OWNR Network via the Contact page of the Fakescore Service.

Thus, by agreeing to these Terms, you grant Fakescore permission to access such data, allowing the Support Service to operate as intended. Ownership of this data remains entirely yours and OWNR Network does not claim any ownership rights in it.

Similarly, we must be able to transmit, store and copy your data in order to assist you. Your acceptance of this TOU gives us permission to do so and grants us all rights necessary to provide the service to you, solely for the purpose of providing the service (and for no other purpose). This authorization includes allowing us to use third party service providers in the operation and administration of the Service and the rights granted to us are extended to such third parties to the extent necessary to provide the Service.

If you are using the Fakescore Service on behalf of a third party, the permissions granted through you and the obligations to which you are subject therefore extend to the content of the third party and any other external providers. OWNR Network and the User also obligate all contracting parties, subcontractors, the User or any other third party to maintain confidentiality with the same reasonable level of care as its own confidential information.

You acknowledge that OWNR Network has no obligation to monitor information on the Services and that we are not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, adequacy, security or legality of your data or any other information or content you may access using the Services.

Article 6: Intellectual property

The trademarks, logos, signs and all the content of thewww.fakescore.com site (texts, images, sound, etc.) are protected by the Intellectual Property Code and more particularly by copyright.

The User must request prior authorisation from the site for any reproduction, publication or copy of the various contents. The User undertakes to use the contents of the site in a strictly private context; any use for commercial or advertising purposes is strictly forbidden.

Any total or partial representation of this site by any means whatsoever without the express authorisation of the website operator would constitute an infringement punishable by Article L 335-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code.

It is recalled that in accordance with Article L122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code, the User who reproduces, copies or publishes protected content must cite the author and its source.

Article 7: Warranties and liability of the Publisher

OWNR Network hereby undertakes to use its best efforts to provide a Service that is functional, secure, and consistent with the description of Fakescore provided in the website documentation. If, however, You become aware of a failure of the Service, it is necessary to notify Fakescore, as this is the only remedy for such failure in the event that we do not detect such non-conformity on our own. In this way, OWNR Network will be able to make all reasonable efforts to remedy the problem.

In order to ensure the handling of complaints and potential malfunctions, OWNR Network also provides a Support service through the following address:hello@fakescore.com

In addition, you acknowledge that Fakescore does not control the transfer of Data over the Internet, and cannot be responsible for delays or problems in generating prototypes in the form of applications resulting from Internet or other external connection problems.

We do not guarantee that the services will meet your needs or be available uninterrupted, secure or error-free. We make no warranty as to the quality, accuracy, timeliness, truthfulness, completeness or reliability of the Services, and we make no warranty as to the retention or preservation of data. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED ABOVE, THE SERVICES ARE PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, WE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT, AS WELL AS ANY WARRANTIES ARISING FROM A COURSE OF DEALING OR USAGE OF TRADE.

Article 8: Liability

The sources of the information provided on the sitewww.fakescore.com are deemed reliable but the site does not guarantee that it is free of defects, errors or omissions.

The information provided is presented for information purposes only and has no contractual value. Despite regular updates, the websitewww.fakescore.com cannot be held responsible for changes in administrative and legal provisions occurring after publication. Similarly, the website cannot be held responsible for the use and interpretation of the information contained in this site.

The site www.fakescore.com cannot be held responsible for any viruses that may infect the computer or any other computer equipment of the Internet user, following use, access or downloading from this site.

The site cannot be held liable in the event of force majeure or the unforeseeable and insurmountable act of a third party.

Fakescore also disclaims any liability for lost profits or any indirect, incidental or punitive damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with these Terms or the Use.

Section 9: Privacy

Fakescore agrees to use reasonable efforts to ensure the confidentiality of the data and content shared by the User for the purpose of using the Fakescore Service. The same efforts are expected of the User and third parties, if any.

The parties acknowledge that any breach of the confidentiality principles set forth in these Terms would result in damages to the other party or an outside third party. The injured party will therefore be entitled to seek equitable relief in addition to any other criminal remedies available to it.

Excluded from the obligation of confidentiality is information that is generally available to the public or whose disclosure is required for legal reasons or due to a judicial or administrative decision.

For more information, we strongly recommend that you consult the privacy policy on the Fakescore website.